Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Electric Scooter For Adults Is One Best Choice For Short Distance Commute

If you are fed up driving your car to move for the short distances than it is time that you check out for the e scooter. Yes, electric scooter for adults is the best practical solution for your transport to move short distances without any hassles. It is simple to use and also environmental friendly product that is cool and safe for the urbanities to move around in their community, work place, and district or even in the city without leaving any carbon footprints on the environment. The UAE store brings you a good collection of models in these electric scooters that are energy efficient, reliable and comfortable for your short rides. The e scooter offers you a top speed of up to 20 MPH that may vary based on the model which is built using aircraft aluminium chassis that is stylish and sturdy to offer you a wonderful ride. The e scooters are also very compact and light weight which is 29 lb and can sustain a heavy duty max 250 lb load. The e scooter is designed with all safety features that include rear wheel drive and brake with a motor output of 700w. The scooter also charges fast within 2 hours’ time and lasts for 30 km. The led back lit dash board, gadget mount, energy recovery braking system, zero emissions and silent motor, high density Li-ion battery are some of the features that makes this electric scooter for adults the best choice.
Electric scooter repair Uae

Those who have not tried this scooter can go for a test ride before buying one for their usage. With this scooter you no longer have to get struck in the middle of the traffic jams or worry about finding a place to park your car. You can simply use it wherever you want or just carry it without any efforts. This e scooter also offers one of the best solutions to move in the huge factories or in the big events quite easily with the electric scooter. The UAE store offering the e scooter for sale also extends their after sales service and also handles any electric scooter repair UAE as they have the best technical team and quality spare parts to resolve any issue in the electric scooter. They also offer regular check-ups and maintenance services to keep your electric scooter in best condition. The price of the e scooter is also very cheap allowing anyone to buy one to commute in their neighbourhoods.

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