Friday, 31 March 2017

Adults Electric Scooters UAE Offer Best Travel Solutions To The Urbanities

Adult electric scooters UAE offer great flexibility to move around in town without the hassles to find a parking lot or get struck in a traffic jam in the busy hours. This is surely a wonderful vehicle for the urbanities offering best solutions to move around your workplace, neighbourhoods, district or city in the most cool and environmental friendly manner. These electric scooters run on battery recharge which is quite economical compared even to public transportation system. These scooters are also very compact and light that can be easily carried in car or the public transport vehicle for you to unfold and use them cover short distances on the electric scooters. The adults electric scooters UAE in fact give the freedom to move in places which are not accessible to the bigger vehicles like cars or buses. You can find different models in these electric scooters that come in varying capacities for you to make a choice.

Electric scooter repair Uae

The adults electric scooters UAE are available in two different models like EcoReco S3 and S5 models that are classy and consistent in offering high performance on different terrains. These electric scooters are energy efficient offering 10 to 20 miles per charge with a top speed of around 20 MPH. The electric scooters are stylish and sturdy with aircraft aluminium chassis and are also light weight and offers heavy duty functionality carrying a load of maximum 250 lb. the electric scooter comes with rear-wheel drive and break and with a motor output of 700 W. The adults electric scooters Oman also come with fast recharge time of 2 hrs to 70% charging. The escooters is also loaded with high performance front suspension, LED back-lit dashboard, safe-start and also gadget mount for accessories like phone, Go-Pro and Camera. These electric scooters easily fit in car trunks, gym lockers, RVs, public transportation etc so that they can be easily carried and stored without any hassles.

Electric scooter repair Uae

By having the electric scooter you can effortlessly cover short distances without the necessity of using your car. All the UAE electric scooters come in the best quality and price that can be test driven for you to make a buying choice. You can use these electric scooters for daily commute or moving in huge factories, big events etc where you need to be everywhere at the same time. The UAE store offering these electric scooters for sale also come up with the best after sales services if need arises.

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