Monday, 5 June 2017

Electric Scooter Is The Next Revolutionary Urban Transport Device

Electric scoters have made life easy for people who are vexed with the traffic jams or difficult in finding the parking lots. Yes, electric scooters are very flexible in offering you the best ride on the busy city roads where you can just move around without getting caught in the web of traffic. This smart electric scooter is sure the future for urban transportation which can be used on different terrains and can also be easily carried in the car trunk or the public transport to just unfold and use it as and when required. This surely offers the best ride to cover short distances around your work place, community, exhibitions, gym etc. as your personal mobility device. There are also different models available in the electric scooter Dubai that vary in capacity and weight for the users to make a choice based on their needs. These scooters also go at a comfortable speed offering a safe ride to the users. As working on battery back-up they are eco-friendly and are the best for adults for their everyday urban transportation.


adults electric scooters uae

The electric scooter Dubai is available in different models that are cool, fast and stylish to offer you the best ride in town. The S5 electric scooter model is compact is compact and foldable that can be carried anywhere without any hassles. It offers high performance with full suspension with a speed of 32km/hr and also very much energy efficient with 2000MPGe/800 km. The scooter comes in a stylish design with aircraft aluminium chassis and can carry around 113 kg though the device weighs around only 14kg. Safety features are also incorporated like rear wheel drive and braking system, LED back lit board, safe start and 3 step smart braking, gadget mount for phone, camera or other accessories. The vehicle easily gets charged up to 70% within 4 hours and a motor output of 700W offers the best performance of the vehicle under any climatic conditions.

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The price of the electric scooter is also very much affordable and the reliable Dubai sellers offering these electric scooters come up with a warranty and service to ensure your device is maintained in the best condition and offers optimum output for every charge. You can test drive the electric scooter before you actually make a buying decision in Dubai. With this personal mobility device you no longer have to sweat out walking distances that can be easily covered by this electric scooter in a cool and comfortable manner.

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