Sunday, 2 July 2017

Electric Scooter Adult Offers Best Urban Transportation

The next revolutionary vehicle that is going to dominate the roads is surely the electric scooters which are not only environmental friendly but can also relieve you from the problems of traffic and finding parking lots. The electric scooters are very cool, stylish and also fun allowing you to zoom on the roads around the city to meet your transportation needs. This light weight and compact electric scooters are also very easy to handle as you can easily fold them to store and use it as and when required to cover distances in a smart way. This vehicle best suits for anyone especially adults for their everyday urban usage.

The electric scooter adult is available in different models which are comfortable and safe to ride on all types of terrains. The electric scooter is also eco-friendly with zero emissions and silent motor that offers a wonderful driving experience to cover short distances in the city. The Ecoreco S3 and S5 are popular models in Dubai offering high performance and comfort with full suspension. Based on the model they generally operate at a top speed of 32Km/h and an energy efficiency of 2,000 MPGe/800 km along with energy recovery braking system. The electric scooter though light weight can easily handle a maximum load of 113 kg which is not only stylish but also sturdy enough that has been designed using 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium chassis. The electric scooter is also very effective that just needs     4 hours recharge time where 70% can be charged within 2 hours’ time. The motor output of the vehicle is 700W.

Though the features may vary based on the electric scooter model generally the come with LED back lit dashboard, safe start and also 3 step braking system for safe riding on the busy roads. You can also find the electric scooters adult equipped with all-purpose gadget mount that is suitable to carry your Go-Pro, camera, phone or other accessories hands free. You can lookout for reliable store offering these electric scooters so that you can actually test drive the vehicle before actually buying one for your transportation needs. Reliable store not only sells you the electric scooter but also supplies you the accessories as well as spares in case of any replacement so that need not find trouble in sourcing the spares for your scooter. The scooters also come with a one year limited warranty.

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